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 Música Del Río
 House Concerts

We invite you to join us for a small gathering with friends to enjoy exceptional and well known singer/songwriters and musicians
 in our living room filled with Música Del Río, "music of  the river"
 in Atascadero,  our town in the upper Salinas River Valley of California.

                                                                                     Fred & Sharon Munroe


  Please Join Us!

Música Del Río house concerts are a private party for invited guests who RSVP with plans to attend.

We use a web based list management system to send invitations for the upcoming concert to everyone on our email list.

To be included on our  email invitation list, send an email to Musica Del Rio with the word "please" in the subject line. You must  include your name, where you live and a contact phone number, so we can reach you if there should ever be any last minute change of plans for a concert you are planning to attend.

What is going on here?

Música Del Río is a gathering of friends to enjoy outstanding acoustic music in our living room.

With room for about 60 friends; musicans and singer-songwriters find our  house concerts to be a joyous way to share the art of their craft.
100% of the donation you make to attend this gathering goes to the performers. We do this for the love of music, the love of friends to share it with and the love of opening our front door to make it happen.


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  Friday, November 10                             8:00 PM

The Bryan Titus Trio

“The Bryan Titus Trio grows up like a weed from a tangled and overgrown history of Bluegrass and American Roots Music.” One of the best “elevator speeches” we have ever heard for a band we find hard to define. But once in a while we get up early enough to make it to Hot Licks (at Live Oak) in the morning to find out what “unknown” musicians also got up early enough on a Sunday morning and want to play music for us. The real gems are around, but most of them are just not up at 8:00am. God, are we glad we got up this time. The best new artists we have heard at Hot Licks, period.

Bryan is the central voice of this trio, and tightly connected for the ride is Jeff Kranzler on upright bass and Dustin Janson on cajon and vocals. Touted as a "Postmodern Barn Dance" band they write & perform themes & melodies of yesterday with a pinch of modern irony. Behind their polished sound sits a desire to give every song the feel of things just put to paper today.

This view found it home within two elements of Bryan’s own style. His vocals are both smooth & rough, his guitar playing simultaneously elegant & primitive. He draws upon the lessons learned on his 2013 Through Hike of the Appalachian Trail; and especially the music he picked up in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, & Virginia. Truly, an unusual commentary for a musician/graduate of the Berklee School of Music, Boston MA.

The trio recently completed a tour up the west coast from their home base of Santa Barbara to Seattle. This gutsy singer/songwriter; backed by a cookin' band, delivers a unique blend of Rock 'n Roll, Gospel, Country, Blues & Bluegrass ... all stewing in the same pot.

Please note the date change. The concert is on Friday November 10, at 8:00pm.