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 Música Del Río
 House Concerts

We invite you to join us for a small gathering with friends to enjoy exceptional and well known singer/songwriters and musicians
 in our living room filled with Música Del Río, "music of  the river"
 in Atascadero,  our town in the upper Salinas River Valley of California.

                                                                                     Fred & Sharon Munroe


  Please Join Us!

Música Del Río house concerts are a private party for invited guests who RSVP with plans to attend.

We use a web based list management system to send invitations for the upcoming concert to everyone on our email list.

To be included on our  email invitation list, send an email to Musica Del Rio with the word "please" in the subject line. You must  include your name, where you live and a contact phone number, so we can reach you if there should ever be any last minute change of plans for a concert you are planning to attend.

What is going on here?

Música Del Río is a gathering of friends to enjoy outstanding acoustic music in our living room.

With room for about 60 friends; musicans and singer-songwriters find our  house concerts to be a joyous way to share the art of their craft.
100% of the donation you make to attend this gathering goes to the performers. We do this for the love of music, the love of friends to share it with and the love of opening our front door to make it happen.


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Sunday, November 17                                          3:00 PM

  Way Out West

We heard it was happening, but we have been lied to before by better musicians than these. But they have promised they will show up here on Sunday, November 17. Yes, we are talking about the not so late and somewhat great, Way Out West.

Not since the late (really late) 1980's have these folks been together. String and percussion wizard Joe Craven, singer and strummer Tracy Walton and guitar-tickling wordsmith Bill Edwards are back together. The dynamic trio that was Way Out West from 1985-1992 will be making a very rare (thank God) appearance at Musicá Del Rio.

Way Out West is a highly original Americana Roots Music Trio born out of a multi-culti-mashup of re-imaged covers, sparkling originals, a pinch of theatrically thrift stored / fashion insulted presentations and a small bucket of bargain bin humor. A popular attraction from the mid-80s to early 90s at music festivals across California, they have now (under a self-deluded perception of extreme pressure from their now forgotten fans) dusted off their now tighter-fitting WOW wardrobe to make a few rare appearances (as far under the radar as possible) this year before it is once again time to forget this ever happened. They performed at the very first Live Oak Music Festival and, miraculously, will be returning to the Central Coast because everyone deserves at least one second chance. And we fell for their plea.

Once again let out of the Home on a brief pass and still vertical and ventilating; we find Tracy Walton (Mumbo Gumbo / The Cups / Walton, Webster and Edwards) Bill Edwards (Chris Webster) and Joe Craven (David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, Alison Brown, David Lindley, Painted Mandolin and Joe Craven & The Sometimers...(just to name a few).

Take a trip down memory lane or experience them, at your own risk, for the first time. Chances are very good that you and your friends will enjoy yourselves immensely. This show will likely sell out quickly (obviously as Way Out West already has) so make your reservations early for our Sunday matinee show because, well...they're old.