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 Música Del Río
 House Concerts

We invite you to join us for a small gathering with friends to enjoy exceptional and well known singer/songwriters and musicians
 in our living room filled with Música Del Río, "music of  the river"
 in Atascadero,  our town in the upper Salinas River Valley of California.

                                                                                     Fred & Sharon Munroe


To sign up for our concert invitations; to be considered for booking as an artist at a future concert or to contact us for any other reason, please read on:



Concert Reservations:
All concert attendance is by reservation only.  Invitations are sent out by email.  The emails are distributed with Pingg, a web tools we use to keep track of who is invited and who is attending.  In order to be included on the Pingg invitation list simply send an email to invite@musicadelrio.org with the word “Please” in the subject line.  You must also include your city of residence and an evening contact phone number.  This is important if there should every be a last minute change for a concert.  This also helps us to know how far people are traveling to join us.

Invitations are usually sent out 3 to 4 weeks before each concert and no reservations are taken before then.  But you can sign up to be on the invitation list at anytime.

Booking Inquiries:
As a general rule, we only book artists who we have heard live or have a ‘Live CD’ for us to evaluate AND play the types of music we personally enjoy.  Beyond your music, we need to gain an understanding of how you connect with a live audience in a very intimate setting.  The focus is on the singer/songwriter reflecting Americana, folk, bluegrass, Celtic, world and blues.  We have a special love for the fiddle, the mandolin and the piano.  Of course a good guitar really helps too.

We host no more than one concert a month starting from mid-September to mid-May.  There are so many local festivals, events and concerts from June to August we are not booking house concerts for those months.  While we always prefer to offer our concert series on Saturday nights, we will consider Friday evenings.

All artists who feel they fit our venue are welcome to request consideration.  While we welcome sample CD’s and press kits, please start by just sending us an email to let us know of your interest.  It is helpful to know when you will be within 300 miles of Atascadero, CA.  PLEASE reread the booking information above.  THEN ALSO look at the "Who's Coming" page and make sure we are not already booked for the months you are available.  If you then feel you are a good fit for Música Del Río, please feel free to  send an email to
book@musicadelrio.org.  While we do our best to respond when we can, we receive about 20 booking requests a month and this is a volunteer operation.

We also do not book local artists.  Because there are so many small venues in the area featuring local musicians we prefer to focus on traveling artists, less likely to be familiar to our attendees.

Other Contacts:
If you need to contact us about anything else, please send an email to
Fred@musicadelrio.org.  If you cannot reach us by email or must call the house during a concert in an emergency, the phone number is 805-466-6941.  We do ask that you respect the fact that this is a non-commercial venue in our home.